Wolf-Flower Energy Healing

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Energy Healing dates back thousands of years and various ancient cultures used different types of healing modalities to stimulate the body's natural abilities to heal itself.

Although Energy healing has been around for hundreds of thousands of years it is also based on the scientific principles that everything in the universe is made up of energy and vibrates at different frequencies.

We as humans all vibrate at different energy levels known as frequencies.

Happy healthy people vibrate on a high frequency, whereas those that are anxious, depressed, or physically ill will vibrate at a much lower frequency.

All beings including our pets are made up of energy and we each have our own unique energy body.

Our energy body is known as our Aura or Life Force Energy.

There are many health benefits that bring about healing in our physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves, when we work with and balance our energy body and also that of our pets.

There are many energy techniques that we can easily learn and apply to ourselves and our pets in the comfort of our own homes.

I specialize in teaching energy techniques that empower and transform both humans and dog's unwanted habits or behaviours.

These Energy Techniques are called The Balance Procedure, Canine Flow, and Reiki.

These energy techniques are extremely powerful in that they work on ours and our dog's life challenges with simplicity and minimal effort to regain our and their natural state of being.

When we are in our natural state of being we are more calm, relaxed and focussed. When we and our dogs reach this state of being we have the ability to reach our fullest potential.

You owe it to yourself to be the best that you can be.  If you have a dog they too deserve to be the best that they can be too.

The Balance Procedure and Canine Flow  are the simplest and quickest way of to acheive balance of Mind, Body & Spirit.

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