About Me - Tracy aka Wolf-Flower 

Sept 2017                                                                                 November 2019

I am who I am!  I am love, I am enough.

Hi, my name is Tracy Wolf-Flower.

I was born Tracy Leigh in Cambridgeshire, UK on the Imbolc of 1962.  I grew up in Norfolk where I currently live with my partner and 3 beautiful dogs Max, Buster and Larna.  My dogs are the reason I am following the path I am currently on.  They have been the main driving force behind my latest achievements as they have been my greatest teachers.  

They are my world.

I have over 32 years experience in various healing roles and have a background in Auxiliary Nursing and Social Care work with people of all ages and varying disabilities and mental health conditions.

I began my journey of training in and working with Energy Medicine after suffering an illness in 1997.  I have kept myself well and off medications through my spiritual practices of energy healing and daily meditations, which I also practice with my dogs!!

It was after the death of my dog Prince in 2010 that I continued my interest in Animal communication and went on to study more about dogs and their spiritual connections with us. After becoming a guardian and mum to my current dog Max only 6 months following Prince's death did my Journey begin with truly understanding why I had such a deep connection with my dogs. 

My journey led me to Canine Flow and the synchronicities surrounding Canine flows development, and my journey towards finding Canine Flow it became clear and obvious to me that I would end up becoming a Practitioner to work with and teach other dog owners how to better understand their own dogs.

Also how they can develop healthier loving bonds as I had learned to do with my own dogs.

Through the unique techniques and practices of Canine Flow and other energy healing modalities to transform both dog and their Guardian.     

As a Certified Canine Flow Practitioner  I currently work one to one with dogs and dog guardians in their own homes, as well as host 1 day Canine Flow Reach Your Potential (RYP) seminars and run one to one or small group Canine Flow Dog Relax Classes.

I also teach in other Spiritual Development Workshops. (check out my workshop page & upcoming events page).  I can teach some workshops via zoom or skype for those unable to travel .

As well as Canine Flow I am certified in other dog training methods taught by The Dog Training College using TTouch as well as a Transformational Energy Teacher and Practitioner in a technique called The Balance Procedure, that can also be used on pets as well as ourselves to transform unwanted behavioural patterns.

I have also trained and Certified in various Dog Energy Healing Practices as well as Human Complementary Healing Modalities, including Animal Reiki, Dog Massage, Tellington TTouch, The Trust Technique, Natural & Holistic Pet Care as well as Animal Communication and Dog Nutrition & wellbeing.  I am also a Certified DOG First Aider.

I am passionate about all that I do and am a very passionate spiritual teacher and student!

I believe my main purpose in life is to Love and be Loved. To teach others all that I can through sharing all that I know.
I may be Certified in many alternative and complimentary healing modalities but I am a great believer in that you can never have too many tools in your tool box, as we never know who or what we will encounter along our journey in life.

My Tool box holds much in terms of various skills as I have been a wife, mother, grandparent.  Spent time in the armed forces, lived abroad in Germany, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland and lived in the county of Kent a couple of times before settling back near my roots in Norfolk. 

I have drawn upon many of my skills and tools and used each and everyone of them in some capacity during my many past and present life times!.

These skills include: Professional Hypnotherapy/ EFT (Tapping)/ Life Coaching/Shamanic Life Coaching/ Mindfulness/Meditation / NLP/ Chakra Balancing/Crystal Healing/Wiccan Practices/Reiki Master/Teacher/ Rahanni Teacher/Practitioner,  Shamanic Practices including initiation into the 9 rites of the Munay Ki Rites./ Life Coaching/ TBP Trainer

Also skills I have through various hobbies of Gardening, Painting & decorating, Art, Cooking, driving and general DIY person .

Many may argue I am a jack of all trades yet master of none.

I believe we are only ever the Masters of our own Destiny.  We never stop learning and there is always something new to learn as much as there is beauty in everyday, we just need to find it sometimes.

We are the Avatars of our individual Journey in life.

I continue with my Professional Delevopment in all areas and am currently studying and updating my skills in Dog Nutrition, well-being & enrolled in the EpicDog Dog Training Academy, as well as continued development in Coaching and Shamanic practices.

I love sharing my knowledge and skills with others to enable them to empower themselves too!

If you are interested in working with me in any capacity then get in touch and lets connect.