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Animal Healing

I work with Love and Respect for all animals, helping to enhance their quality of life and stimulate their bodies own healing mechanisms.

Our Pets are very often affected by our own state of mind and this can cause not only emotional but sometimes physical imbalances in our pets or other animals.

I offer intuitive healing, and a laying on and off of hands healing sessions to animals to help them regain their mental, emotional and physical well-being (either in person or distantly).

Animal Healing is safe and usually accepted by all animals.

Below is Kai the beautiful Belgian Shepherd I had the honour of giving healing to following an injury to his hip area. 

Sadly Kai passed away 2 months later here is what his guardian had to say.

"Tracy literally saved my dog’s life. With an injured leg the vet could not heal, she turned both my dog and I around with almost immediate results, gave both of us renewed hope and began the process of healing.

From unable to walk, he is now demanding we go for longer and longer walks.

A modern day shaman, she brings love and energy to dispel despair. We were incredibly fortunate to meet her.

Tracy [Wolf-Flower] raised our spirits, gave my dog new hope and gave us both precious time together walking in the woods he loved so much. She continued for weeks with healing sessions and despite being unable to reverse what was an aggressive cancer that no one knew about, gave him a respite from the inevitable with dedication, generosity and kindness. I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone with dog issues, whether physical or emotional. A talented, genuine, good person who simply gives because it is her nature and her talent.

-Peter Simmons, Blackborough End, Norfolk.