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Canine Flow Dog Training

Canine Flow Energy Dog Training Techniques are a unique way of being with our dogs that promotes  happiness, success and purpose and equally transforms canine behaviour, like no other dog training technique before it.
At Canine Flow we believe your dog chose you, in order to support you to reach your highest potential in life, re-connect to your heart space and guide you along your true life path.

By learning and practicing the Canine Flow techniques for your dog, you will also powerfully align your own energy flow – You will not only transform any unwanted behaviours in your dog, you too will become more relaxed, abundant, balanced and free!

Our Dogs behaviour has up until recently been viewed as thought & mind based.  Canine Flow training methods which have been scientifically measured, reveal the truth behind all behaviour motivations as being led by the dog’s heart, the dog’s innate life-force Flow.

Canine Flow is a Unique yet Ancient Wisdom Spiritual way of working with your dog to transform unwanted behaviours. Unlike other Dog Training methods that usually focus on the Physical or Mental command based approach, here @ Canine Flow the focus is on your dog's emotional state of being.
I work with the owner as well as the dog at ways to help ground and express their emotional energy, as well as working at cellular level to alleviate past trauma and energy blocks.

I use Owner-Dog Meditations, Professional Canine Hypnotherapy and Energy Spiral Work.

If you would like to learn more about the Canine Flow Techniques you can attend a one day workshop/seminar either in person or via zoom link up. 

Or maybe you would like me to work with you and your dog one to one using a bespoke package to suit your individual needs.