Gallery - The doggy paws Album 

All for the love of dogs!

I dedicate this page of Canine companions in memory of a Beautiful Dog named Kai that I had the privilege to work with for a short while before his passing over the Rainbow Bridge.

Here is just a small selection of our Canine companions that my boys and I have had cross out path on our beautiful journey among the Canine realms this last year. 

I hope to keep adding to our Canine Cousins Album if your Canine companion or any other furry companion wants to be part of the doggy paws Album just contact me with photo & name to be included.

All dogs and furry friends will be added to my monthly distant healing list too. Just click button below to connect with us to be added to receive a distant healing.

All fur babes are welcome even Cats are allowed too!

My Beautiful Boy Max Chilling in the garden

SKYE - My Dear Friend Peter's beautiful Black GSD and Baby sister to Kai (pictured above).

Right: My Beautiful baby girl Larna 

Dobbie -my Buster's partner in crime                                            Willow & friend Larry

Max doing his Norman Wisdom impression!

Buster with his summer love Amber 


My cheeky boy Buster

The Canine Flow dogs all receiving their certificates of Award in Canine Enlightment.

Well done all doglets for making the grade!!

My Max @ Hunstanton beach Norfolk

Me & Boys @  Shouldham Warren

My Beautiful friend & fellow Canine Flow Practitioner Toni with her dog Amber on our Doggie retreat in Wales

My Beautiful Max @ The Warren, Shouldham, Norfolk

Me Buster & doggie friends on our Doggie retreat day out in New Quay, Wales

Amber                                                                                                  Moomin



Moomin, Percy &  Mr Chips


Sorrel again



Benson going down the Rabbit hole?

Buster, Me & friends  @ South Wales Dog Retreat

Us out walking @ Shouldham Warren. Norfolk

Buster & friends @ New Quay Wales

Dexter getting an ear rub by mum Sheona

Aky & JD



Benson Cruising in back seat!

My Boys Chilling in the garden 2020

Me & Max having Kisses

Benson sharing babys lunch!

Us @ Snettisham beach Norfolk

Me & Max having a snog.

 My Max having a Sand Bath! @ Snettisham Beach

Me, Buster & Max Snettisham Norfolk

My beautiful boy Buster chilling in Garden

My Buster meditating @ Canine Retreat Wales

In Loving Memory of Kai