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Tracy literally saved my dog’s life. With an injured leg the vet could not heal, she turned both my dog and I around with almost immediate results, gave both of us renewed hope and began the process of healing.

From unable to walk, he is now demanding we go for longer and longer walks.

A modern day shaman, she brings love and energy to dispel despair. We were incredibly fortunate to meet her.

Tracy [Wolf-Flower] raised our spirits, gave my dog new hope and gave us both precious time together walking in the woods he loved so much. She continued for weeks with healing sessions and despite being unable to reverse what was an aggressive cancer that no one knew about, gave him a respite from the inevitable with dedication, generosity and kindness. I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone with dog issues, whether physical or emotional. A talented, genuine, good person who simply gives because it is her nature and her talent.

-Peter Simmons, Blackborough End, Norfolk.   (Guardian to KAI - Black Belgian Shepherd).


I contacted Tracy as I had a few issues with my young male Lurcher which I felt I needed help with.

Tracy began by briefly telling me all about Canine flow. I have to say I was a bit taken aback I hadn't expected what she was telling me (I have no idea what I expected really). But I listened and watched Tracy sit with Dobbie and do spirals with him and it did have a calming effect on him. By the time Tracy left I must admit I still wasn't fully convinced but I had promised Tracy I would continue to do the spirals and think more positively.

The following morning I took Dobbie walking and it suddenly occurred to me that it wasn't Dobbie who had the problem and needed training, it was me, and suddenly everything Tracy had said made sense, and whilst I might not get everything about Canine Flow, I do know it as an effective way to improve the relationship between dog and owner.

I will always be grateful to Tracy for introducing me to Canine Flow and for her continued friendship.

Lorraine Midgen-Romain, Downham Market, Norfolk.  (Guardian of Dobbie).

I contacted Tracy after seeing one of her posters. We have a long legged jack russell who has what we think is a highly over developed prey drive, he literally will chase anything that moves no matter how big or small, everything from mice to articulated lorries. With Tracy's help I studied some energy calming/removing techniques and doggy meditation, our lad responded well to his chill out sessions and there has been a very subtle improvement in his recall at home. I have been practicing my balance technique and have been able to reduce my levels of stress as well.

Many people won't believe the next statement but I genuinely feel that I can communicate a lot better and seem to know what our boy wants, the whole energy flow process seems to have opened up a bit of a communication channel.

I'm not claiming that he no longer chases, he is still just as bad, what has changed is that I am now more accepting of his behaviour and am actively working on finding ways to manage what can't be changed. Tracey's help and insight have been invaluable, if you have a dog with problems I would heartily recommend that you open your mind and let this lovely lady try to help you.

Janice Kempe



Tracy came over and talked me through the Balance Procedure. Tracy is a fantastic teacher, and explained it brilliantly. I was really empowered after her visit, and can recommend her to anybody for all her wisdom and experience. Am definitely going to take it to the next level with her, can't wait Tracy thank you for everything.

M Flint - Downham Market


I was intrigued by Rahanni Celestial Healing after already knowing about Reiki and found that it was powerful and oh so gentle. I have never met a holistic therapist before that really walks her talk like Tracy. She is a wise woman with no ego and my treatments have been such a lovely experience. I was made to feel very comfortable and I recommend Tracy. You’ll love her .

Catherine B - Kings Lynn


I have never tried this form of healing before, but I must say it was very relaxing and could certainly feel inner stuff moving. Tracy was very informative with the healing procedure and put me at ease, and can't wait to have another very soon. A definite 5 star recommendation

Denise C - Clenchwarton, KL


I loved receiving my Reiki Empowerments from Tracy. We arranged a series of sessions in my home for the training and Empowerments, it was so creative and fun with lots of support and encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed her informative teaching style. It was deeply enriching and transforming, & has given me so much confidence to continue my journey as a Reiki healer.

Helen. S - Holkham Hall , North Norfolk


Tracy is very dedicated to her spiritual quests and committed to helping others.

Valerie Anckorn, - Author, Hypnotherapist, RMT, Dersingham, Norfolk.


I took part in a Shamanic Workshop facilitated by Tracy, a lovely lady. It was an exciting, interesting and informative day.

June. S - Lincolnshire