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The Balance Procedure

If YOU could change your life what would it look like?

The Best Way to predict your future is to create it! 

HOW?  By Using

The Balance Procedure.

For Centuries it has been widely recognised to be in BALANCE with all aspects of your life is the BEST way to experience EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL well being.

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique and works as a catalyst to bring about transformation in all areas of your life using your own personal Life Force Energy.

By learning The Balance Procedure you will be able to identify triggers that throw you off balance.

Understand the power of emotions and why we have them.

Connect your experiences with the Law of Attraction and create your day how you want it to be.

Activate the language of the Universe with the 9 Universal symbol cards.

Understand the energy of each card, number, zodiac, chakra, element, planet, gemstone, element and Physical aspects.

When all is in BALANCE you will have the key to the unconscious mind..........

Whether you want better Relationships, Better Health, or more Wealth and Abundance

The Balance Procedure can empower you to create all those things and more.

No previous experience of working with energy is necessary, and it takes only minutes to learn how to use The Balance Procedure and it is so simple to learn that even a child can do it.

Its uses are Limitless!!     

You can even use with your pets to change unwanted behaviours.

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The Balance Procedure Guidance Book and set of 9 Universal Symbol Cards is your first step to creating the Life you really want.  You will feel more balanced in every area of your life, find out how your life path, personal year and zodiac all influence your ability to reach your fullest potential.