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Workshops & Pricing

Canine Flow

Canine Flow Reach Your Potential Seminar

On Line Presentation  £88

In person £108 per person.

I offer discounts to groups of 3 or more people.

N.B These workshops include practical participation either with your own dog or a surrogate.

The Balance Procedure


The Balance Procedure can now be learned from the comfort of your own Home via a Zoom Link up. 

You will be sent your Book and Cards once payment has been received prior to the Zoom Meeting and Level 1 will be taught over two sessions.

You do not need to install zoom you just copy and paste the meeting ID into your browser and will be directed to enter a password that will be send via email along with all other info required.

Level 1 The Balance Procedure


Level 2 The Balance Procedure £175

Plus £50 Practitioner Qualification fee on completion of 6 case studies that will be paid to and case studies submitted to Jenny Cox herself.

If you choose to want to become a Trainer you will be trained by Jenny Cox herself.

For further information you can visit The Balance Procedure Website @ you can also download TBP App

for more info on that copy and paste this link on YouTube.